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         TRAINING DAYS 2013

At Fenland Bio Diesel Processors we are very proud of what we do and want you to be sure that you are buying the best value for money, easy to use machinery available and be confident enough to know that when you leave us you have enough knowledge to go away with a full understanding of what is involved in making the highest quality Bio Diesel.

For these reasons we will be arranging training days at our premises in March, Cambridgeshire (please see the "How to find us" page for our exact location and directions) for members of the public who are interested in making Bio Diesel and saving themselves money, to attend and see for themselves just how easy it is to produce their own Bio Diesel using one of our processors.

These sessions will last approx. 4 hours, during that time you will be given a detailed information on the following:

  • An Introduction to our processors and how they work. 
  • An introduction to biodiesel production.
  • Basic training.
  • The chemistry involved in manufacturing Bio Diesel. 
  • A demonstration of one of the Fenland Bio Diesel processors.
  • Titration - What it is and how it works.
  • How to quality control the process.
  • Health and Safety practices used during the manufacture of Bio Diesel.
  • Environmental benefits of Bio Diesel. 
  • How and where to collect used vegetable oil.
  • Tax & duty on your Bio Diesel and your Obligations. 
  • Using & storing Bio Diesel in the winter.
  • And of course we will answer any questions that you may still have.

    The cost of these training sessions is £25 per person, which is refundable when purchasing processor packages.

    The days for training sessions in 2013 are:

    Every Wednesday - 9am to 1pm

  • Only available by pre-booking on: 

    07770 670696

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