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We currently manufacture several processor size options, these are our most popular sizes:

1. FBDP-50 Litre (Finished Quantity) Steel Tanked Processor. Normally ex-stock, Currently 4 weeks Leadtime

2. FBDP-100 Litre (Finished Quantity) Steel Tanked Processor. Normally ex-stock, Currently 4 Weeks Leadtime 

3. FBDP-200 Litre (Finished Quantity) Steel Tanked Processor.  Normally ex-stock, Currently 4 Weeks Leadtime 

4. FBDP-400 Litre (Finished Quantity) Steel Tanked Processor. (1 x available ex-stock) Normally made to order only. Normally available 4-5 Weeks from time of ordering.

5. FBDP-1000 Litre (Finished Quantity) Steel Tanked Processor. Normally made to order only. Normally available 6-8 wks from time of ordering. Full Atex rated version available (Please see price list for this option).

6. FBDP-1500 Litre (finished Quantity) Steel Tanked Processor. Normally made to order only. Normally available 6-8 wks from time of ordering. Full Atex rated version available (Please see price list for this option).

7. FBDP-2000 Litre (finished Quantity) Steel Tanked Procesor. Normally made to order only. Normally available 6-8 wks from time of ordering. Full Atex rated version available (Please see price list for this option). 

Custom sized processors are avialable upon request to customer specification, please contact us for more details on other available sizes and prices.

All of our processors take approximately 6 hours to manufacture a full batch of Bio-Diesel, although you will only need to be present at the processor for approx. 30-45 minutes of this time.

All of our processors are the most complete machine packages currently available on the market and require no optional extras to perform all of the processes listed below. This makes our machines unique and amazing value for money.


We also have the facility to manufacture "one off" custom sized processors to your capacity specification, Prices for these custom sized processors are available upon request. Please email us with your specification requests. 

Our machines suck the vegetable oil and methoxide directly into the tank, heat, de-water, water-wash, dry, polish and filter the Bio-Diesel to 5 microns (1 micron filtration system also available) to make the best quality bio-diesel domestically available. When the process has been completed the bio-diesel can be pumped directly into your vehicle or storage tank via a 2.5 metre hose with a standard fuel type delivery nozzle.

All of our processors have very sturdy 25mm x 25mm (400 Litre processor has 50mm x 50mm, and 1000 Litre Processor has 80mm x 80mm) tig welded box section steel framework. They also have heavy duty Italian made 240 volt self-priming vane pumps that are very reliable and have high output specifications with low energy usage, making them very energy efficient. Our processors also encorporate 3kw thermostatically controlled double insulated heating elements (the length and quantity of elements vary dependant upon the size of processor), so you do not have to heat the oil for so long to get it up to working temperature, again making them very energy efficient.

Our uniquely designed spray bar assembly sprays the Bio-Diesel in a fine fan spray pattern making the Bio-Diesel dry alot faster after the water washing stage of the process. Our processors can do this up to 30% faster than any other machine on the market.

All of these features make our processors the most energy efficient and easy to use domestic biodiesel processors currently available on the market, saving you more time and money...

The machines come with a very clear and easy to follow 48 page full Pictorial instruction manual (CD-ROM version avialable upon request) which helps you through every step of the Bio-Diesel manufacturing process. We will give you a FREE training session if required (at our March site) when you collect your processor, so that you know exactly what to do and can "hit the ground running".

Also included is a complete titration testing kit along with enough titration chemicals to get you started as well as all of the safety equipment required.

All of this and a full 7 day a week back up and information service, with us you won't feel let down as we thrive on 100% customer satisfaction.

All processors come with a 12 month return to base warranty for your piece of mind...

And all of our machines do this at an amazing all inclusive price of 19 pence per litre (New vegeatble oil) or 21 pence per litre (used / waste vegetable oil).

The above prices quoted include the cost of electricity, water and chemicals used during the process - Please note that these prices may vary either up or down depending on the electricity prices within your area of the country.

These prices do not include the original costs of the new / waste vegetable oil, however you can still obtain FREE WVO (Waste Vegetable Oil) from many local chip, Indian / chinese take-aways / restaurants within your area.


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