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Below you will find some frequently asked questions, and the answers for those questions. We hope that they help you in your'e quest to make the right choice.

Q. Is Bio-Diesel safe to use in my car, and do i need to have my car modified?.

A. Bio-Diesel will work in nearly all diesel powered cars without any modification whatsoever. Some diesel powered cars manufactured before 1992 may require certain seals and gaskets changing to be able to run on Bio-diesel. But all cars manufactured after 1992 have bio-diesel safe seals and gaskets, this was put into place because of the additives that were added into normal diesel around that time.

Q. Do i need to add anything else into the Bio-Diesel?.

A. Generally you do not need to add anything to the Bio-Diesel produced in our processors, however during the winter months, especially when the temperatures drop below freezing it is advised to add a Bio-Diesel winter additive to stop the Bio-Diesel from gelling, there are only a very few of these that actually work. We have now undertaken extensive testing on all different types of winter additive and are now selling the best performing additive. This is available directly from us.

Q. Is making Bio-Diesel Safe?.

A. Obviously there are risks involved with all activaties, including such things as boiling a kettle to make a cup of tea. We have made every effort to ensure that our processors are as safe as reasonably possible and have created a very comprehensive operating manual, as well as supplying you with all the required personal Safety equipment to help to keep you safe during the production of Bio-Diesel.

Q. I have seen people advertise that you can make Bio-Diesel for 12p per Litre, why is yours 19p per litre?.

A. Basically these people can not add up, it is impossible to make proper Bio-Diesel for less than the prices that we quote. Our prices have been checked against and are based upon the national averages for electricity and water and are accurate at today's prices. We know that you cannot make it for lees as our processors are the most energy efficient available. We tell you the truth, as we have nothing to hide and would prefer to be open, honest and up front.

Q. Is Bio-Diesel smelly, or smell like fish & chips and does it produce a lot of fumes / smoke?.

A. No, Proper Bio-Diesel produced in our processors has no odour as such. It does however have a very slight sweet smell to it that people have said smells very similar to linseed oil. It produces up to 98% less emmisions than normal diesel and does not give off the big plumes of black smoke that you would normally associate with normal diesel. These smelly cars that are on the road, are the people that think that putting waste vegetable oil through a strainer is making Bio-Diesel, but it obviously is not and their cars will not last very long running on this crude vegetable oil.

Q. Do i have to notify the Revenue & Customs before i have made my 2500 Litre per year allowance?.

A. No, you do not have to notify the Revenue & Customs until you have made your 2500 Litre per year allownace.

Q. Do i have to inform anyone else that i am making Bio-Diesel or storing chemicals?.

A. No, as long as you are not storing more than 205 litres of Methanol at your premises. However i would recommend that a curtusy call to your local council may be in order to see if there are any local rules that you need to comply with.

Q. Do You accept major credit / Debit cards and can i make secure payments over the phone as well as at your premises?.

A. Yes, we do take all major Credit / Debit cards and can take secure payments over the phone as well as being paid for at our premises. Please be advised, however a small Credit / Debit card charge may be applied.

If there are any other questions that have not been answered above that you would like answering before making your purchase, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you as much as possible.


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