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Dimensions of all of our processors are shown below, these sizes are the maximum overall outside dimensions and are taken with the lids in the closed position.

FBDP-50               600mm Wide x 600mm Deep x 1500mm High

FBDP-100           800mm Wide x 800mm Deep x 1550mm High

FBDP-150           850mm Wide x 850mm Deep x 1600mm High

FBDP-200           1000mm Wide x 1000mm Deep x 1600mm High

FBDP-400           1100mm Wide x 1100mm Deep x 1700mm High


FBDP-1500    1800mm Wide x 1800mm Deep x 2400mm High

FBDP-DWT180  700mm Wide x 700mm Deep x 1300mm High

FBDP-DWT205  700mm Wide x 700mm Deep x 1400mm High


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