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Our machines are that complete, that you do not need any accessories to get you started. This is the only reason that we only offer one accessorie:

180 Litre De-watering tank. Part No. FBDP-DW1/2:

This De-Watering tank significantly speeds up the whole process saving you even more time and money and allows you to de-water bulk W.V.O. for multiple batches of Bio-Diesel production. Please see the photo gallery for pictures of the De-Watering tank.

The 180/205 Litre de-watering tanks come complete with its own steel stand and outlet valve at the bottom of the tank to drain any waste / heavily watered oil (Please see the photos in the photo gallery page).

We now offer another accessorie for those who already have their own processors and may be having problems with filtering waste vegetable oil, this is the "Hot filtering" system. This is used in conjunction with our very popular 180 Litre bulk de-watering tank.

Hot filtering system. Part No. FBDPHFS-1 (Please see the photos in the photo gallery page).



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